The Rules of VIRBANK CITY Pokémart



Members who insult, bully, or harass others will be removed from all Virbank City groups without warning. This includes direct harassment, bullying behind the scenes, or attempts to target an individual insofar as it relates to their involvement in the online Pokémon community.


Pokémon Market-Related Content Only

This is primarily a group for buying and selling. As such, while we will tolerate discussion-based posts related to buying or selling and the market at large, we ask that you take casual conversation such as new collection mail (when not for sale), pulls from packs, conversation about upcoming products, or other conversation to one of our discussion-based partner groups.


No Games Of Chance

Games of chance, including raffles and homemade mystery boxes are prohibited, as is advertising or discussing other groups where these are allowed.


No Digital Content

Selling in-game PTCGO items or trading them for physical items is against PTCGO Terms of Service and is not permitted in this group.


Selling & Buying Practices

All members are expected to abide by honest practices when creating listings in the mart. Deleting auctions or items from auctions after the auction has begun is prohibited. Refusing to honor a sale price for an auction that has completed is prohibited. Reserves MUST be implemented BEFORE the auction starts and can only be used when a Reserve Price Form has been completed in advance. Requiring Friends and Family PayPal for payment is strictly disallowed and any additional fees expected to accommodate proper payment should be made known in the original post. As a buyer, “Price Policing,” or the act of rudely commenting or messaging a member to intimidate, bully, or harass them into listing their possessions for a different price is prohibited.


Community First

This group is focused on building up its own community. This is maintained through an active and excited staff with dedicated liaisons who work with the largest feedback and anti-scammer measures the online Pokémon community has. Part of maintaining our community is making sure that we can monitor and react quickly to any problems that arise. As such, linking to or promoting sites, groups, or pages that are outside of the Virbank Network and its approved partners is against the rules and will result in an immediate and permanent ban.



Public posts seeking to incite issues over a penalty given will result in an immediate and permanent ban. Anyone caught selling items or services with or for a banned member will receive an immediate and permanent ban for assisting in ban evasion.