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Virbank City Pokémart 30,000 Member Mega Announcement

Hey guys,

Virbank City Pokémart has come a LONG way. That is to say: We all have come a long way as a community. From humble origins as one of the first social media-based online Pokémon TCG communities to now, the Mart has stood out as the front edge of how the organized online Pokémon community buys, sells and trades. For that: I want to thank you. Every single person that has played a positive role in making this community the best in the world is uniquely to thank for where we are now.

Given the precedent-setting nature of the Mart, it seems only appropriate to commemorate this moment with something in kind. So join me in cutting our digital red ribbon for the new assistant to the Mart:

This website is NOT a replacement for any function of the community or how it operates. It IS a stacked assistant that helps us function in all of the ways that our platform has limited us in the past. Let’s talk about those upgrades!

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- Charlie, 9/16/2020
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