Ludkins Collectables is the preferred way to grade with PSA and CGC around the world. Providing improved customer service, the lowest prices globally, market-value insurance on every collectible, effortless submission, and free submission materials are just some of the ways that Ludkins maintains its place as the leading, world-class grading service. Visit them here!

Ludkins Collectables

Pokémon North is the go-to group for Canadian collectors of all kinds! With a friendly community, trusted leadership, and constant activity, you'll find yourself at home amidst the Pokémon North crew! (open to Canadian Residents only) Visit them here!

Pokémon North

The premier group to share pictures and information regarding all aspects of misprint, miscut and error Pokémon TCG cards. Buying, selling, & trading permitted! Visit them here!

Pokémon TCG: Gotta Misprint 'Em All

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